What was that?

As a Dodger fan that was a cruel ending, as a baseball fan I’m pretty sure I just finished watching the most exciting World Series game I’ve ever seen.  If you want to read a recap that can bring justice to that game you came to the wrong place. I’d try Joe Posnanski

HOUSTON — Nobody wants to leave the ballpark. Maybe we are too tired to leave. Too numb. We just saw something. It’s hard to explain what we saw, though. The scoreboard down the right-field line reads like so: 12:40 LAD 12 F HOU 13

The words of the great Inigo Montoya echo in the mind. “Let me explain. No. There is too much. Let me sum up.”

I’m exhausted and don’t have much to say except a few things.

The Dodgers now have to win the next two games to declare themselves World Champions but that is why you have home field advantage. They find themselves in the same situation as Houston did in the ALCS, and Houston won those two games.  They will have to do it with Rich Hill and Yu Darvish starting game six and seven. I still like our chances.

After all, they almost won a game in which:

  • Clayton Kershaw didn’t protect a four run lead
  • Clayton Kershaw was driven from the game before getting 15 outs
  • Brandon Morrow gave up four straight hits on seven pitches
  • Houston hit five home runs
  • The Houston 3/4/5 hitters drove in ten runs
  • Houston scored 13 runs and only won by one run
  • The Houston bullpen looks like swiss cheese

That is all I got tonight. Good night and we will check back Tuesday Night where I expect to see a pitching duel because those bats gotta be as tired as the Astro fans who endured a five hour game of “Holy Shit”.



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