No final act for Granderson

The Dodgers finalized their World Series roster with one big surprise. Brandon McCarthy was added along with Corey Seager, with Curtis Granderson and Kyle Farmer being left off.

I understand Farmer getting let go instead of Culberson. With Barnes now the starting catcher they didn’t need the flexibility that Barnes added when he wasn’t starting.

Also with Andre now the starting left fielder against right-hand pitching that left Granderson as strictly a pinch hitter. The Dodgers decided they would rather have Joc Pederson than Curtis Granderson.  For the second year in a row, the Dodgers have acquired an outfielder that simply didn’t cut it. Those two mistakes might be the only mistakes the front office has made over the past 16 months.

The big surprise for me was Brandon McCarthy over Pedro Baez. Baez made the NLDS roster but was left off both the NLCS and World Series roster.  We probably won’t need to use Brandon McCarthy just as we didn’t need Baez in the NLDS.

I’m still not sold on our positional bench but with a DH in the American League, the whole pinch hitting thing becomes a moot point for three games.  I also have to remember that with Adrian not playing and Grandal on the bench most of the time the need for pinch runners is also negligible as every starter can run for themselves.  Andre might be the only person who you might want to run for.


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