Game one thoughts

Tomorrow will be filled with Clayton Kershaw and Justin Turner record-setting postseason stats courtesy of Baseball reference but for now, these are my World Series game one ramblings.

Before the game I was very calm, I have a lot of faith in this team and expect them to perform well in this World Series.

Keith Williams Junior sings the best National Anthem I’ve ever heard, and he does it consistently.  I kind of feel if I was taking a knee as a protest and heard him sing, his performance would make me stand.

Josh Reddick is a good guy who had to know he was going to be booed after his comments the other day. He is a good player who had a horrible month and then did nothing in the postseason to help the Dodgers.  I hope he hits a miserable single or two and that is all.

I don’t mind Joe Buck when the Dodgers are winning and he likes our players. At one point he did call Corey Seager the best player on the team, but I would beg to differ. He might eventually be the best player on the team, but in 2017 I would say that Chris Taylor/ Justin Turner/Cody Bellinger were all better players, though fWAR may not agree.

When Chris Taylor hit his leadoff home run I was happy and apprehensive. It was only last week that the Cubs kept scoring first on home runs only to lose.

Chris Taylor not only hit the leadoff home run on the first pitch but he barrelled up the ball three times, and got the key walk before the Justin Turner home run.

Justin Turner is someone I’d put on the stand right after Big Papi when trying to prove that clutch hitting is really a thing.

Cody struggled against a great left-hand pitcher.  I expect him to show his colors against Morton/McCullers.

Kiké makes me comfortable while watching him play left field. With an outfield of Puig/Taylor/Kiké I can’t think of a better defensive Dodger outfield.

Corey Seager looks okay at the plate but I was surprised that Culberson did not replace him in the field after pinch hitting. I mean if you have Charlie Culberson on your World Series roster shouldn’t he be playing shortstop in a close game in the 9th inning?

Barnes has cooled off but caught a great game.

Clayton Kershaw was outstanding, and tomorrow we will show just how outstanding.  I was thrilled they let him pitch the 7th, and that he handled the Corey Seager misplay with no problem.

Brandon Morrow kept up his outstanding work. What did Smoltz say, he has given up one extra-base hit to the last 150 hitters he has faced?

Kenley looks ready for two innings tomorrow

It was great to see Adrian Gonzalez doing the post-game show on the Dodger station.

Dodger fans got to see their first Dodger World Series victory in 29 years.  For those who had to buy tickets in the secondary market was it worth it to spend at least 1,000 per ticket, deal with traffic and lines for several hours to get into the stadium, and several hours to leave the stadium?

I’m expecting the answer to be hell yeah it was.






  1. Reddick got his measly single; I hope he’s happy. Like many, I don’t recall him being booed last year, but he probably was–but nothing like what greeted him last night. Don’t give the fans bulletin board material, either!

    I wasn’t bothered by Corey staying in after Charlie’s PH: he’s been the starting SS all year, and I don’t think you replace him there. Maybe he was rusty early; maybe he had the jitters, wanting to be perfect, but I really was not/am not concerned about his defense. And his throws to Cody were VERY sharp last night.


    • True, but Culberson is one of the best defensive shortstops in baseball and Corey hadn’t played short in a while and any rest for the back would seem to be a good idea.


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