Puig evolution in ten easy steps

  1. Step one, get recalled from AAA, hit lefties in Sept, start in Oct against lefties
  2. Turn 26 in December
  3. Work hard all winter
  4. Work hard all spring
  5. Start out batting 8th against everyone
  6. Become the best 8th hitter in baseball
  7. Become the best defensive right fielder in baseball
  8. Unleash the wild horse within himself
  9. Crush October
  10. Batting cleanup against RHP and LHP in October


  1. 68elcamino427

    11. Have a manager like Dave Roberts
    And a hitting coach like Turner Ward
    And team leaders who will take the time to care and help and try to understand
    like Adrian Gonzalez & Justin Turner.

    I don’t know what Justin Turner was saying to Puig witth his arm around Puig’s shoulder and talking in Puig’s ear after Puig’s awkward slide at home plate,
    but that little convo was a drama ender and difference maker.


  2. I love this. I have quietly (or perhaps not so quietly, at times) been a huge fan of Yasiel’s ever since his initial callup. I got to see him live, with my youngest son (a Mets fan) when he hit his home run in Yankee Stadium. I have been rejoicing in his successes ever since his return to the Dodgers last fall. I can’t wait to see what the Wild Horse does in the World Series!


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