Can Chase or Granderson pull a Baez?

Javier Baez entered the game last night without a hit in the 2017 postseason. I’m sure Cub fans weren’t thrilled he was back in the lineup, but after his two home runs propelled the Cubs to their first victory I expect they forgot how unhappy they had been with Baez.

With left-hander Jose Quintana pitching tonight and Lester in a possible game six, Dodger fans won’t have to worry about Granderson or Chase starting again in the NLCS, but they will probably need a contribution from the duo off the bench once Jose leaves the game.

The two key Dodger veterans are debunking the myth of how important postseason experience is.  Unlike Javier Baez who has a bright future in front of him, both Granderson and Chase might simply be done and no amount of experience is going to help them.

Granderson has been in a funk ever since the Dodgers acquired him. His last big day in 2017 came with the Dodgers on August 24th, almost two months ago.  Granderson is 1 for 15 in the postseason so far with a single. Last night he struck out four times and looked bad in each at-bat. Dave Roberts comments on Granderson went from “I’m not worried about Granderson” to “I’m playing him so he can work out his issues” to “who the hell else should I use”. I’m paraphrasing

As bad as Granderson has been, Chase has been even worse. Chase hasn’t had a hit in the postseason since the NLDS against the Nationals in 2016. Chase has appeared in five postseason series with the Dodgers and has gone 4 for 40. Every time he comes up I expect him to break out of his slump and provide a key hit and every time he proves me wrong.  At this rate, his bat should make accidental contact for a hit but it is not happening.

As much as we have talked about the Dodger depth having to use Curtis Granderson, Chase Utley, or even Joc Pederson is not a good argument for depth. And Kyle Farmer is the number one right-handed pinch hitter?

So while the Dodgers are up three games to one, it is not like this team does not have some issues.  I just didn’t think anemic veteran depth was going to be one of them.

It might be more of an argument that the core of the Dodger team is so good with Taylor/Bellinger/Turner/Puig that they can survive with automatic outs from 2nd/LF when facing a right-hand pitcher.

Now to answer the question in the title.

Yes, I still feel that one of Granderson or Chase is going to provide a bit hit at some point. Time is running out.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    When the playoffs start
    the players take it to another level.

    The younger players have another level to give
    another gear to catch.

    Both Utley and Grandrson look like they hit their high gear in July and August
    and they just aren’t able to keep up with the youngsters in the brighter lights.


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