Turner launches Lackey into infamy

With Wade Davis watching from the bullpen, John Lackey watched Justin Turner launch a game-winning three-run home run to dead center field to give the Dodgers their second victory in two nights.


This night was all about Rich Hill, the Dodger bullpen, Yasiel Puig, Charlie Culberson, and ………………………Justin Turner

Rich Hill pitched five brilliant innings with just one mistake giving up just one run

The bullpen was simply brilliant. This is isn’t just a bridge, this is the Golden Gate bridge.  Kudos to Morrow, Fields, Watson, and Jansen who pitched a perfect four innings except for a HBP of Rizzo by Jansen which was cool too.

Puig walked three times, never chasing bad pitches. The last time a Dodger walked three times in October was Hanley Ramirez in 2013 but two of those were intentional. The last Dodger to walk three time in October without an intentional walk was Bill Russell in 1981.

Player                 Date Series   Rslt PA R H 2B RBI BB IBB
Yasiel Puig      2017-10-15   NLCS  W 4-1  4 1 0  0   0  3   0
Hanley Ramirez   2013-10-11   NLCS  L 2-3  6 1 0  0   0  3   2
Manny Ramirez    2008-10-13   NLCS  L 5-7  5 0 2  1   1  3   2
Bill Russell     1981-10-07   NLDS  L 0-1  5 0 0  0   0  3   0
Joe Ferguson     1974-10-09   NLCS W 12-1  5 2 1  0   1  3   0
Jim Wynn         1974-10-09   NLCS W 12-1  5 3 1  1   1  3   0
Steve Yeager     1974-10-09   NLCS W 12-1  5 1 0  0   0  3   1
Jim Wynn         1974-10-06   NLCS  W 5-2  5 0 0  0   0  3   2

Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 10/15/2017.

Charlie Culberson hit a leadoff double in the fifth inning and scored the tying run when Justin Turner drove him in with a seeing-eye single to right field.

Just like Steve Finley in 2004, Justin Turner overkilled his at-bat by hitting a home run when they only needed a single:)


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  1. 68elcamino427

    Before our game this morning
    one of the guys said this season for the Dodgers
    is like a movie.

    Now it’s becoming more like a dream …


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