Happy Kershaw Day

Once again the Dodgers turn to Clayton Kershaw to start the first game of a postseason series, and once again Dodger fans are optimistic that the best pitcher in baseball in the 21st century can help deliver a victory in game one.

Since I’m turning a cold shoulder to the recent postseason past, I’m not going to talk about how often this optimism wasn’t rewarded for the Dodger faithful.

Today is a new Happy Kershaw Day, and it will be without their star shortstop Corey Seager.  This is a huge blow and it means that Charlie Culberson will be playing SS in game one. The Dodgers left Corey Seager and Pedro Baez off the NLCS roster and added utility infielder Charlie Culberson and Joc Pederson.

Baseball being baseball, I now expect Joc Pederson to do something memorable.

Or not,

I have no idea what to expect, but I only hope that we have an entertaining NLCS as the two best teams in the National League go head to head until one of them wins four games.


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