Can Robbie Ray stop the carnage?

It has been a bad run for young pitchers making their first postseason start so far in 2017.  Not just hit around a little, crushed.
When Taijuan Walker gave up four runs last night before recording an out, he was just following the same path of his fellow first time pitchers. He wasn’t even the worst, that still goes to Luis Severino.

Player                 Date Gm#   Rslt  IP H ER BB SO HR GSc
Taijuan Walker   2017-10-06   1  L 5-9 1.0 4  4  2  3  1  30

Jon Gray         2017-10-04   1 L 8-11 1.1 7  4  0  2  1  26
Drew Pomeranz    2017-10-06   2  L 2-8 2.0 5  4  1  1  2  30
Luis Severino    2017-10-03   1  W 8-4 0.1 4  3  1  0  2  30

Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 10/7/2017.

Robbie Ray has been brilliant this year and pitched very well in the play-in game but it was not a start. He has also owned the Dodgers this year.

When he toes the rubber tonight, will he break the spell? Probably, but after pitching on Wednesday Night, and with the Dodgers bats feeling good again, I would not bet on him getting fifteen outs.

Then again, I would have bet on Kluber and Sale and we know how those games turned out.

Speaking of Kluber, hell yeah, to the Indians. What a great comeback.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    Elevate the pitch counts in the first two innings if possible.
    Good things for the Dodgers should follow.


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