Baez in, Joc out

The Dodgers finalized their NLDS roster by adding embattled relief pitcher Pedro Baez to the roster thus going with twelve pitchers and thirteen hitters.

I had surmised that Farmer would make the team, and felt that Joc would be the last man standing with eleven pitchers and fourteen hitters but the Dodgers decided they needed twelve pitchers thus giving up a bench spot.  The pitching staff took a change when Avilan pulled up lame thus paving the way for Pedro Baez and Ross Stripling.

As expected Ryu will watch from the sidelines.

My only complaint is the short bench in a short series. You have three starters who should be able to give you innings, and someone who can run off of the bench might prove more useful than an extra relief pitcher like Ross Stripling. Maybe they use Ross as the pinch runner?

If Pedro is indeed fixed, he could prove useful but it would take a manager with big balls to put Pedro into a highly leveraged situation given his past history in October.

The lack of confidence in Joc is really something to consider this winter. No way can anyone think of him as a Dodger starting center fielder or left fielder anymore. He’ll have to earn his way back to that spot and one wonders if he’ll even the chance. They might simply go get someone for one of those two spots. But that is four weeks away from talking about.  Right now it is all about tonight.

Who will be the key catalyst for the 2017 NLDS?

I’m going to go with Corey Seager


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