Locastro gets to say hi

The LAD front office continued their generous ways by bringing up Tim Locastro for a taste of the major leagues in this final weekend.  There isn’t any need for the minor league middle infielder given the Dodgers have Seager, Forsythe, Chase, Barnes, Hernandez, Taylor, and Culberson who can play either 2nd or SS but maybe he’s not here for middle infield backup of the backups of the backups.

When we broke down the Dodger postseason roster we did notice a very glaring lack of speed which is one reason why I picked Joc Pederson for the last spot. Joc is not exactly a speed merchant, and neither is Locastro but he does have above average speed.

Maybe this isn’t just a weekend stint?

I also didn’t realize until I read the fine print of the Dodger press release that he had spent so much time in the outfield this year.

He has split time between the infield and the outfield this season, playing in a combined 47 games in center field, 46 games at second base, 31 games at shortstop, nine games in left field and two games in right field.

Maybe he’ll be the Dodger left fielder against LHP in October:)

I saw Locastro last fall in the AFL where he played 2nd base. At the time he seemed like a team soldier and you won’t find him on any prospect lists. Locastro had a middling season for AA but really found his batting stroke in AAA where he put up a .987 OPS in thirty-one games.  He also had twelve stolen bases in those 31 games.

To make room for Locastro they put O’Koyea Dickson on the disabled list.   Dickson now gets 60 days of pay as a major leaguer. That is a nice bonus.

I wonder what Brett Eibner did that he was just jettisoned while O’Koyea gets the treatment?




  1. 68elcamino427

    “He blew his mind out in a car …”

    Eibner tried pitching
    and wound up with TJ


    • 68elcamino427


      like Dickson

      Eibner did get to enjoy a coffee with the big club earlier in the season


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