Is Cody Bellinger going to be wasted as a 1st baseman?

Few if any major league center fielders could make the throws that Cody Bellinger made last night in helping to preserve the Dodger victory.

I know his defense at 1st baseman has been a thing of beauty this year, but a great fielding 1st baseman isn’t an anomaly.  A center fielder who can put up a .900 plus OPS or a 140wRC+ you can count on one hand even when using both leagues as your playing pool.

The Dodgers have three young players who can play center field in Chris Taylor, Joc Pederson, and Cody Bellinger. Four if you count Alex Verdugo.  None of them have the offensive upside of Cody Bellinger, and to be honest I’m not sure any of them can play CF any better than Cody Bellinger if he was given 120 games out there.

What a weapon the Dodgers have developed. How will they utilize his skill set to best fit the team of the future? Or well they use it in the present?

Adrian Gonzalez showed some pop last night for the first time since coming back from the DL, well he play the rest of the week on a regular basis against RHP to see what he’s got left?  If Adrian shows anything, I’d replace Joc with him in a heartbeat just as Gary suggested in the comments yesterday.



  1. 68elcamino427


    My friend who told me about Bellinger and CF earlier in the season is a top scout.

    Possible scenario 2018

    Bellinger to CF

    Move Turner to 1B, less stress than 3B for the old guy.

    Move Seager to 3B, less stress on the arm

    Trade for a SS, improve defense at SS

    Win, win, win, win.


  2. Having watched Seager all year at SS, moving him to 3rd has to be a no-brainer when Turner is done. I hate short first baseman but I guess I guess it would be OK. Maybe he’d be Garvey like with the glove and at least eat up everything that he could get to.



  1. It is almost like Cody Bellinger wasn’t a valuable player in 2018 | Dodgers, Yesterday and Today

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