Ryu makes case for postseason

by pitching another scoreless game on Sunday Night TV. Granted he only got 14 outs, and he needed help from Ross Stripling to get out of a jam in the 5th, but he looked good during the time he was on the mound.

As much as I’d like a Dodger like Orel to hold the scoreless streak I did think it was bullshit that an error was not called on the play by Michael Taylor and that run should have been unearned.  It hit the heal of his glove, the heal, that is a big deal.

Walker Buehler continues to flash his great stuff but also continues to get hit and has now given up at least one run in each of his last three appearances after the brilliant two-inning debut.

Dave Roberts keeps saying that whoever is not going to be part of the postseason rotation will start to pitch out of the bullpen to get them ready for that role. With two weeks left in the season isn’t it time he starts putting that plan into action?

I actually think Ryu can be just as effective as Wood out of the bullpen so I would not automatically put Wood in the bullpen just because he’s done it before.   I don’t trust Wood as much as I trust Ryu for an October game so I’d probably go with Ryu. It will be interesting what they decide.

Bellinger should leave Philadelphia with at least forty home runs.

It was nice to hear the ESPN crew fawning over the defense of Puig. He deserves it.

The Dodgers could have left Segedin/Dickson/Culberson off the Sept roster and no one would have noticed.

I’m just as uneasy about the middle relief in 2017 headed into October as I’ve been each of the past four seasons but I’m very comfortable with Morrow / KJ for the 8th and 9th. I’m almost there with Cingrani.



  1. dodger88

    I agree that Taylor should have been charged with an error but it would not have impacted the scoreless streak, which doesn’t differentiate between earned and unearned runs.


    • I always forget that, thanks for reminding me.


  2. 68elcamino427

    AVG – OBP – SLG – OPS – WHIP – IP
    .216 – .276 – .341 – .617 – 1.06 – 140 Wood
    .255 – .324 – .447 – .766 – 1.33 – 122 Ryu

    maybe Wood’ s velocity plays up better in a one inning appearance?
    Are either of them able to perform on back to back days or with only one day between appearances?

    Cingrani posts a 1.00 WHIP and .565 OPS allowed, albeit in just 16 IP


    • I’m about 93% there with Cingrani/Morrow/Jansen. Ryu or Wood for 5th/6th if needed. Not sure how Kenta or McCarthy will fit in. I could see McCarthy in the bullpen but they better start using him from the bullpen alot between now and Oct to get a better feel how his stuff is going to play. Not sure I see any role for Kenta, but the Dodgers could blow our mind and make Kenta the 4th starter and put both Ryu/Wood in the bullpen.


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