What a long strange trip it has been for Edwin Jackson

Once upon a time in Sept of 2003, Edwin Jackson shocked the baseball world by outpitching prime Randy Johnson on his 20th birthday. I started this article with the headline once I saw that Edwin Jackson was pitching tonight and was ready to research a fun story.

My first search was the big game just mentioned, and to my surprise, Edwin Jackson has already had a few articles written about him. I guess I should not have been surprised since he is pitching for the Washington Nationals these days and not the San Diego Padres. What made me laugh was that one article had the headline.

Edwin Jackson’s Long, Fascinating Road
That looks eerily similar to what I had decided to go with. Heck, no point in my doing any research,  Eric Nusbaum of Vice sports hits all the pertinent points

“If he stays healthy, he’s going to pitch up here a long time,” Brown said.

Brown was right. Jackson has pitched in the major leagues for a long time. Only one other player who appeared in his debut is still in the majors—that would be Adrian Beltre—and four players who appeared in that game have since gotten jobs as big league managers. But Jackson’s career has not necessarily gone the way his teammates might have expected after that auspicious debut. He has been traded six times. He has pitched for twelve teams. On Tuesday, he will start for the Washington Nationals in Anaheim. This will be his second stint with the Nationals and his second team of the 2017 season.

I guess you could say the air was let out of my ballon. I will simply add my personal sense to the debut game by Jackson. At the time the Dodgers had Jackson in the Majors for his debut and 18-year-old Greg Miller had already pitched in AA. I was really envisioning a Drysdale/Koufax for the 21st century. Miller never even got to the major leagues, and as was noted above, Edwin Jackson has defined journeyman pitcher in the 21st century.
What happened, however, doesn’t change how excited I was to watch Edwin match Randy Johnson pitch for pitch in his debut. It was one of the greatest pitching debut’s I’d seen by a Dodger given his age.  I’m as shocked as anyone that Edwin is still in the National rotation in Sept, but I’m also quite pleased about it.

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  1. 68elcamino427

    Yes, I remember this afternoon.
    My daughter had a volley ball game at Valencia HS in Placentia.

    The Dodgers were in a spot that they needed Jackson to perform well in his MLB debut. To his credit, he did.

    I was getting ready to list the house in Whittier.

    Lots of stuff going on in these times.


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