Are the Dodgers starting the best catcher?

Yesterday I wondered if Austin Barnes might be the best second base option for the Dodgers between Logan Forsythe, Chase Utley, and Enrique Hernandez.

Today, Austin Barnes is starting as the catcher for the fourth time in Sept and against an RHP.  With Yazmani Grandal continuing to struggle offensively is Dave Roberts starting to think of Austin Barnes as more of a starting catcher than a backup catcher?

Here is the breakdown for the two catchers:

Full Season:

Name               Age   G  PA   BA  OBP  SLG  OPS OPS+
Yasmani Grandal#    28 113 431 .249 .302 .456 .758   97
Austin Barnes       27  85 217 .297 .410 .478 .888  135

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2nd Half:

Player               Split Year  OPS GS  PA   BA  OBP  SLG
Austin Barnes     2nd Half 2017 .823 17  91 .316 .429 .395
Yasmani Grandal   2nd Half 2017 .703 36 151 .216 .272 .432

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Player               Split Year PA GS   BA  OBP  SLG  OPS
Yasmani Grandal   Sept/Oct 2017 27  7 .042 .111 .167 .278
Austin Barnes     Sept/Oct 2017 17  3 .286 .412 .286 .697

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Barnes is starting about 1/2 the games that Grandal starts but with the start today against a RHP, that might change going forward.  Grandal is known for large cold streaks and that is what he is in right now. He has one hit in Sept, a home run.  Barnes is not doing a lot in Sept but he is making contact something that Grandal is not doing. Grandal has 12 strikeouts in 27 plate appearances in Sept.

Barnes has outhit Grandal all year and seems to have the defensive chops to handle the starting gig. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. With a big day today, Barnes could go a long way toward laying the claim for more starts.

I will say, for a team that at one time was being the called best team in LAD history they sure have a lot of question marks as they try to end an eight game losing streak.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    Grandal hurt his left hand (thumb) awhile back.
    By the way he keeps dropping pitches this is probably still a hinder for him.
    Grandal set his career high for games played in one season in 2016.
    He is on a similar pace in 2017. Likely he has an assortment of other nicks and dings.
    Grandal has shown that when healthy, he is a force to be reckoned with vs RHP.

    The play I would make would be to provide Grandal with plenty of rest from now until the playoffs begin. In the playoffs he would start vs RHP .
    Barnes would starti at catcher vs LHP and start at 2B vs RHP.
    Forsythe would start at 2B vs LHP.

    Because of his contract status expect Grandal to be traded during the 2018 season or before the season begins, depending on when the FO feels the team can best maximize the return. This is when Barnes becomes the primary catcher.
    When Ruiz is ready he will supplant Barnes.
    At this time the team will probably retain Barnes as the back up because he will not be a FA for a long time.


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