I picked the wrong day to go to Lancaster

For years I wanted to visit the home of the Lancaster Jethawks and with the Rancho Quakes starting their playoff run in Lancaster, I decided that Wednesday Night would be the best time to finally make the trip.

I picked the wrong night.

On Wednesday night the Quakes offense couldn’t register on the seismic scale and the defense didn’t exactly play well. Caleb Ferguson for all his sterling numbers is just a crafty left hander who couldn’t dent the jug gun. Considering I spent about five hours making the round trip, I can’t say it was worth it.

Kaybear looked like a man, belying his nineteen years of age. He didn’t have much luck throwing out any runners but he looked good behind the plate and had an interesting setup as a left hand hitter.  I did get to see the debut of Cristian Santana who played 1st base. He got some nice hits, hit the ball harder than anyone else on the team.

I stayed home on Thursday Night and the Quakes put a 7.0 on the seismic scale winning 17 – 8. I’m going to assume the wind was blowing out as the Quakes hit six home runs.

  • Kaybear had five hits
  • DJ Peters had three hits and a home run
  • Brandon Montgomery hit two home runs
  • Ariel Sandoval hit a home run



1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    At least you got to enjoy the warm breeze
    And the view of the prison across the street!

    When the eldest was a HS senior Rick Burleson was the Jet Hawks manager.
    He let my son catch in the bullpen and take BP for a couple of games.
    Everyone on the team took such a liking to him, they briefly considered taking him on the road to Bakersfield.
    This was a fun time.


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