Trout and Wynn

Mike Trout walked for the 14th game in a row setting the Angel franchise record, which made me wonder who has the record for the Dodgers.

Even before I did the search I would have bet on Jimmy Wynn even though he only played for the Dodgers for two years, and sure enough, there he is on top.

Have to admit I never heard of Roy Cullenbine before.

Did not expect to see Raul Mondesi but did expect to see Gary Sheffield have at least ten games in a row.

Rk             Name Strk Start        End Games BB
1          Jim Wynn 1975-08-09 1975-08-28    12 16
2        Dick Allen 1971-08-03 1971-08-16    11 19
3     Pee Wee Reese 1942-04-15 1942-04-25    11 14
4    Roy Cullenbine 1940-04-16 1940-05-05    11 17
5      Raul Mondesi 1999-04-07 1999-04-17    10 11
6       Davey Lopes 1975-04-07 1975-04-17    10 14
7      Bobby Morgan 1952-06-04 1952-06-12    10 14

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Generated 9/6/2017.


1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    Dick Allen.was gonna fill in for FRANK HOWARD.
    I wanted to believe it.


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