Wilmer Font completed his amazing regular season in AAA with a flourish, pitching six shutout innings. Font finished the game with six innings, three hits, zero runs, one walk, and eight strikeouts.

Font will surely be the Pacific Coast League Pitcher of the Year finishing the year 2nd in ERA with those above 100 innings (3.24), first in strikeouts with 178, first in SO/9 at 11.9, first in SO/BB ratio with at least 100 innings (5.9),  first in WHIP with at least 100 innings at 1.10.

Font did it all this year but could not break into the Dodger rotation. We have no idea what we have in Font but he’ll get a shot at the major leagues somewhere next year.

The Dodgers are gunning for a World Championship so may not have the roster space or the time to reward Font for his season with a few starts this Sept, that is understandable, but he deserves some kind of reward for having himself quite a season.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    The Wilmer Marching & Chowder Society!

    I am a member!

    Bring him up and use him as a multi inning guy out of the pen, a la Stripling/Stewart through the end of the season.

    What’s the cost?
    Taking a spot on the 40 man?

    Two easy scenarios
    McCarthy flames out during his rehab and is placed on the sixth day DL
    Dayton is placed on the 60 Day
    Creating a spot for Font to occupy.


    The mystery of Font …


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