The six man rotational disabled list

Jon Weisman tweeted yesterday that the Dodgers have a full rotation on the disabled list.

Not just five starters but six

Not just any starters either:

  • A 3 time CYA winner and one time MVP
  • A four-time all-star
  • A one time all-star with a 14 – 1 record in 2017
  • A guy who was supposed to be future Cy Young and was the greatest teenage pitcher in LAD history
  • Two pitchers making a combined $29,000,000 in 2017
  • Those pitchers are making a combined $80,000,000

And they haven’t missed a beat because they still have a full rotation of arms with Rich Hill. Ryu, Kenta Maeda and Brock Stewart. No matter who starts, the Dodgers win. and win. and win.

They have an opening this Saturday before the arms start coming back. Yu Darvish will be back Sunday. Kershaw and McCarthy will both pitch rehab games this week. Kershaw will be back next week. McCarthy should follow shortly. Basically, by Sept 1st, the Dodgers will be adding at least three arms back into the rotation, and possibly four as Alex Wood is simply resting.

This Saturday could be intriguing. They could just use Ross Stripling and make it a bullpen game,  They could give Wilmer Font a shot but Eric Stephen pointed out the complications of that move.

The best option might be Wilmer Font, who leads the Pacific Coast League with 170 strikeouts in 128⅓ innings, to go with his 3.58 ERA in 24 starts. His addition would acquire a corresponding move since he is not on the 40-man roster.

But given how well the 27-year-old has pitched this season, coupled with the fact that he’ll be a minor league free agent at season’s end, he was a potential September addition to the Dodgers roster anyway. If the Dodgers were planning to add Font in September, bringing him up a week early doesn’t present too much more of an obstacle, other than that Font can’t be optioned back to the minors, having used his four option seasons in 2011-14.

I’m hoping for Font, might be his only chance to start a game in 2017 before all the arms come back.



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