So much winning


  • Dodgers are 1 – 0 with Curtis Granderson
  • Dodgers are 1 – 0 with Joc Pederson in AAA
  • Dodgers are 2 – 0 since Adrian Gonzalez rejoined the team
  • Dodgers have won six in a row
  • Dodgers now have six streaks of at least six wins in a row
  • Dodgers have won 13 in a row against the American League
  • Dodgers have the second best Interleague winning percentage in National League history, behind only the 2004 Cardinals (11-1, .917).
  • Dodgers are 13 – 3 in August
  • Dodgers are 19 – 3 since Clayton Kershaw last started a game
  • Dodgers are 26 – 5 since the All-Star break
  • Dodgers are 52 – 9 since June 7th
  • Dodgers have won 37 consecutive games in which they’ve scored four or more runs, with their last loss coming on June 15 at Cleveland (L, 12-5). There have only been three longer such streaks in MLB history, the 1954 Indians (42), 1906 Giants (41) and 1898 Boston Beaneaters (38) – Source: Stats, LLC.
  • Dodgers have 16 sweeps and with a victory today, will make it 17.
  • Dodgers haven’t lost a series since June 9th going 18 – 0 – 3 in that time span.
  • Dodgers are 36 – 20 on the road.
  • Dodgers are 51 – 14 at home
  • Dodgers have beaten eight teams this year without a loss






  1. Jimmy Francisco

    Yet none of it will matter unless they win the World Series.


    • JIMMY – how the hell are you ole buddy? What a pleasant surprise to wake up to today.

      It will matter in the way we still talk in awe of the Seattle Mariner season that they might eclipse this year. The Nationals have the same bugaboo going on. Hopefully one of us breaks the chain and can at least get to the World Series.


    • 68elcamino427

      Back in the old days the top team in each leauge would square off for a best of seven and the first team to win four games was your WS Champ.

      Today, the path to the WS is a ten team tourney where a play in team has a shot at all the marbles.

      One of the great things about baseball is that anything can happen at any time. I have seen FRANK HOWARD hit a baseball into the loge deck for a Home Run off Whitey Ford in 1963. I have seen Willie Davis throw the baseball into the stands against the Orioles in 1966 too.

      1960 gave us FRANK HOWARD.
      2017 gives us CODY BELLINGER.

      Even the record setting 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers did not win the World Series.

      The Dodgers have been close the past four years.
      Gonna be fun to see how far this team can go.


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