Julio Urias Update on Aug 12, 2017

All the good stuff that happened to Julio Urias happened in 2016.  In 2017 he didn’t make the opening day roster, he didn’t pitch that well in AAA, he came up and didn’t pitch that well for the Dodgers, was sent back to AAA, and blew out his arm resulting in surgery for a torn anterior capsule in his left shoulder.

Julio had surgery six weeks ago and according to Pedro Moura is starting to adjust to his rehabilitation.

Speaking for the first time since the surgery, Urias said he had trouble processing the reality that his career would be set back so significantly.

“I had a lot of emotions,” Urias said through interpreter Jesus Quinonez. “You feel sadness. You feel angry. Everything goes to your head. You think about your career, everything you’ve done to get to that point.

“I tried to get out of that stage as fast as I could. Now I feel very motivated and ready for everything.”

Manager Dave Roberts said he sensed from conversation that Urias had recently adjusted his perspective.

“He had clarity,” Roberts said. “And, in recent weeks, he hadn’t really had that.”

Urias is the reason I started blogging again, I didn’t want to miss writing about the career of the teenager. Everything fell into place in 2016 as he gave me plenty to write about. I expected the same in 2017 but on a more grander scale. I felt he would be the second best starter on the team by this time but baseball being baseball put on the brakes.

Now we have to wait another year before we can write about Julio again. He’ll be old news by then. It was quite the story when he was 16, 17,  and 18 doing what he was doing in the minor leagues.  At 19 and 20 he had the greatest year ever for a LAD pitcher who started the year as a teenager.

Next time he toes a mound in a professional game he’ll be 22.  Not so exciting anymore, but hopefully he gets his career back on track and makes us remember once again why we all gathered at the bar in Hollywood to watch his major league debut at the age of 19.






1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    If all that Urias ever accomplishes is providing you the impetus to write
    He did a job well done.

    Speaking of well done, likely an apt description of Urias’ career at this point.
    If he can come back, it will probably be as a lefty junker.
    Just about no one regains their previous speed on the baseball after the type of surgery Urias has had from what I have read.
    Scott Boras said it best, paraphrasing here, throw ball harder than body can withstand.

    The great news is KIEBERT RUIZ is just 19.
    “Hey 19!”


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