Ryu Rules Sunday Nights

Hyun-Jin Ryu once again dominated on a nationally televised game on Sunday night pitching seven shutout innings for the second Sunday in a row.  The pitcher who no one was counting on in March has now thrown fifteen scoreless innings in a row and has thrown a monkey wrench into the Dodger future rotation.

Ever since Clayton Kershaw went down every single Dodger starter has stepped up their game except Brandon McCarthy who decided to sit this competition out.

The Dodgers have five legitimate starters with Yu, Hill, Wood, Kenta, and Ryu, with the ace on the DL, and Brandon McCarthy getting healthy as well.

Ryu is looking as good as the numbers say.  This is as good as I’ve ever seen him, he’s looking just like if not better than the  Ryu of 2013.

The Dodgers went out and acquired two LHP relief pitchers at the deadline for October. The best one might have been on the roster all along.  As great as Ryu has looked he would have to continue to pitch at this same level to knock off Hill or Wood from the postseason rotation, but he could be the ace in the hole for the bullpen.

Other Dodger notes.

They are incredible.  Never seen any thing like this. Ever.  Steamrolling.

I keep waiting for the inevitable team slump to hit for a few weeks, a malady every team has to deal with over 162 game season.  It hasn’t happened yet, it may never happen.




  1. 68elcamino427

    Ryu has surpassed all expectations coming back from his surgeries.

    He is back.
    We might be thinking about a post season relief role for Ryu,
    however he is not.
    Ryu has his sights set on a spot in the post season rotation.

    Hill continuing his tight rope act and Kershaw not maintaing the ability to give his best stuff is all it would take to make Ryu’s vision a reality.


    • Could happen. The battle in Sept will be who makes the postseason roster and what their roles will be. Could you imagine Kershaw as Andrew Miller?


      • 68elcamino427

        Ha! Was just thinking of this!


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