Chasing Piazza/Robinson/Green/McGwire on Aug 7th

Cody Bellinger rocked his 32nd home run last night giving him four home runs for the week and putting him well ahead of the pace of NL Rookie HR champion Frank Robinson who only had 25 on this date on his way to 38.  Frank Robinson would pick up the pace and club ten home runs between now and August 31st.

While Cody is chasing Robinson, Aaron Judge is chasing Mark McGwire who holds the major league Rookie home run record of 49. Judge has slowed down quite a bit in the 2nd half so far but if he catches a second wind, watch out.  Right now he is only two home runs behind the torrid McGwire pace.

Player PA HR HR/PA Aug 7th Total Leader Year
Mike Piazza 567 32 17.72 22 35 LAD Rookie HR 1993
Frank Robinson 525 32 16.41 25 38 NL Rookie HR 1956
Mark McGwire 330 32 10.31 37 49 AL Rookie HR 1987
Shawn Green 501 32 15.66 31 49 LAD Alltime HR 2001
Cody Bellinger 380 32 11.88 32 ??? Chasing 2017
Aaron Judge 462 35 13.20 35 ??? Chasing 2017

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