The pipeline remains full

This was a stressful deadline. I don’t know if the Dodgers have done enough but they did make waves with the Yu Darvish acquisition and certainly moved the October needle in a positive direction.  I think most of us would have like Justin Wilson given the price that was paid for him but it did not happen.  We couldn’t make the Padre’s trade Hand or be reasonable about it.

I’m still amazed that the likes Brock Stewart, Alex Verdugo and many other prospects are still here.  This deadline leaves the Dodgers loaded now, and in the future.

They kept Alex Verdugo. He may not play at all in 2017 and the Dodger depth in the outfield headed into 2018 would be Puig/Pederson/Bellinger Toles/Verdugo/Taylor/Hernandez/Eibner/Trayce Thompson with Edwin Rios now taking balls in the outfield.  That is five major league starting outfielders,  one super utility outfielder, one top prospect along with two backup types, and another wild card prospect in Rios.

They kept Brock Stewart along with ALL the top pitching prospects in the system.  The rotational depth looking toward 2018 is now Kershaw/Wood/Hill/Kenta/Ryu/McCarthy and Stewart /  Buehler / Font / Stripling / Oaks without doing anything this winter. That is six major league starters, one Brock, one top pitching prospect, and three soldiers.  Urias need not apply until 2019.

The infield is also covered.

1st – Adrian (last year) and Bellinger in case Adrian does go bellinger up.  Edwin Rios is also now playing some 1st base at AAA. That is a borderline HOTVG, ROY/All-Star/MVP vote getter as his backup or maybe it is the other way around headed into 2018. And Rios who just keeps hitting and hitting.

2nd – Forsythe / Taylor / Hernandez / Barnes – nobody in the immediate pipeline so two starting 2nd baseman and a super utility man. Plus whatever Barnes is.

SS – Seager / Taylor / Hernandez – one MVP type, one guy who could start anywhere, one super utility guy.

3rd – Turner / Forsythe / Hernandez / Taylor – one MVP type, one guy who could start at 2nd or 3rd, one guy who could start anywhere, and one super utility guy.

Catcher – Grandal/Barnes/Farmer/Smith – Best catching duo since Yeager/Ferguson. Farmer is already in AAA and now a Dodger folk hero while Smith is in AA and should be inserting his name into the equation next year.

Getting the picture?

And we didn’t even bother to talk about the next group which includes Urias, Mitch White, Santana, Alvarez, Diaz, Kendall.

The final group in the pipeline should be Ruiz, May, Heredia, Peters.

in a word



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  1. 68elcamino427

    So many players!

    I feel there is a good chance Grandal and Forsythe both are traded before ST 2018.

    Did my little wRC+, OPS thing this morning.

    141, .949 Bellinger
    72, .643 Gonzalez.

    141, .908 Taylor
    91, .678 Forsythe

    145, .915 Barnes
    112, .806 Grandal

    And BELLINGER is making a play or two at 1B every game that Gonzalez just can’t even sniff anymore.Just have a hard time seeing how the FO could justify moving Bellinger off 1B at this point, especially with all the other outfielders already vying for a spot in ST 2018.

    Bellinger at 1B, Taylor at 2B in 2018.



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