Long and winding road for 1st win for Edward Paredes at age 30

When Edward Paredes took the mound at Dodger Stadium last night you might not have known who he was and for good reason. No one did.

Many players take a circuitous route to their first major league game but not many involve the convoluted route that Edward Paredes took.

“First of all I want to thank God. It’s been 11 long years to get to this point,” said Paredes. “I want to thank my family, my wife. I’m glad I have the opportunity to show the world what I can do. I’m proud of myself. Sometimes you put obstacles in front of you and the best you can do you can do what you set out to do.”

The win may not be a symbol anymore of baseball pitching excellence but you can bet that Paredes will take that game ball and keep it the rest of his life and hopefully tell the story to his children and his grandchildren.


How many major league pitchers get their first win at the age of 30? I wish I knew how to find out. What I do know how to do is show you the long and winding road that Paredes took to finally get that first major league win.  Anyone who hits the independent leagues and makes it to the major leagues should get a ribbon that they would get to wear proudly on their uniform.

Year       Age           Tm   Lg     Lev Aff
2006        19     Mariners DOSL     FRk SEA
2007        20       Tacoma  PCL     AAA SEA
2007        20      Everett NORW      A- SEA
2008        21     WestTenn SOUL      AA SEA
2008        21    Wisconsin MIDW       A SEA
2009        22     WestTenn SOUL      AA SEA
2009        22   HighDesert CALL      A+ SEA
2009-10     22      Aguilas DOWL         FgW
2010        23       Tacoma  PCL     AAA SEA
2010        23     WestTenn SOUL      AA SEA
2010-11     23      Aguilas DOWL         FgW
2011        24       Tacoma  PCL     AAA SEA
2011        24      Jackson SOUL      AA SEA
2011-12     24      Aguilas DOWL         FgW
2012-13     25      Aguilas DOWL         FgW
2013        26        Akron   EL      AA CLE
2013-14     26      Aguilas DOWL         FgW
2013        26         York ATLL         Ind
2014-15     27      Aguilas DOWL         FgW
2014        27         York ATLL         Ind
2015-16     28     Escogido DOWL         FgW
2015        28         York ATLL         Ind
2016        29     Arkansas   TL      AA LAA
2016-17     29     Escogido DOWL         FgW
2017        30          LAD   NL     MLB LAD
2017        30 OklahomaCity  PCL     AAA LAD
2017        30        Tulsa   TL      AA LAD
Mino      Mino              Mino      Minors
Fore      Fore              Fore     Foreign
Othe      Othe              Othe       Other
All        All                           All

Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 7/25/2017.


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