Age 26 revisited with Chris Taylor and Ian Kinsler

Before the season started I mentioned how many Dodgers had their break out seasons as a twenty-six-year-old. I was focused on Yasiel Puig but maybe I should have focused on Chris Taylor.

Watching Chris Taylor club another home run and triple last I heard that Ian Kinsler was being made available by the Tigers and the Brewers might be interested in him. It was at that time I thought about the similarities between Taylor and Kinsler.

I opened up Baseball Reference and had to laugh. Age 26 – right on the fucking button.

Taylor is really a second baseman playing left field so as far as I’m concerned in this article he’s a second baseman.

So here we go.

  • They are both 2nd baseman
  • Both right hand hitters
  • Both have above average power and speed for a second baseman
  • They both kicked ass at age 26

Age Twenty-Six for Taylor and Kinsler:

Plahyer Year Age Tm OPS+ BA OBP SLG OPS
Chris Taylor 2017 26 LAD 138 0.310 0.382 0.538 0.920
Ian Kinsler 2008 26 TEX 134 0.319 0.375 0.517 0.892

The downside is that was the most productive season for Kinsler in his career. The plus side is that he has been an above average second baseman for over a decade.

If the Dodgers have really fallen into an Ian Kinsler type second baseman for the next five years, they have indeed hit gold while mining for copper.






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