A season of WTF

Besides the Dodgers doing their best imitation of the 1927 Yankees this year has been full of bizarre offensive seasons from players either long given up or simply far exceeding expectations from what had been their previous norms.

This is like the 2004 Beltre season but from a baker’s dozen. It won’t include players like Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger simply because they had no track record so while their amazing success is WTF worthy, maybe that is who they are destined to be.

Using wRC+ I’ve included every player this season who at this point I think is a WTF player for 2017. The table includes their previous best wRC+ with at least 300 plate appearances.  For that reason, players like Trey Mancini didn’t make the cut even though his 137 wRC+ no one saw coming.  I’m keeping Chris Taylor on the list even though he never had at least 300 PA in a season before. Why? Because it is my list and I want Chris Taylor on it.

Name wRC+ PreviousBest wOBA PA HR
Marwin Gonzalez 161 110 0.41 248 15
Scooter Gennett 149 104 0.405 218 14
Yonder Alonso 148 110 0.389 289 19
Lonnie Chisenhall 147 117 0.396 211 12
Logan Morrison 147 116 0.389 338 24
Justin Smoak 144 112 0.39 325 23
Aaron Hicks 143 96 0.388 242 10
Zack Cozart 142 91 0.395 279 9
Eric Thames 138 107 0.391 320 23
Travis Shaw 134 87 0.385 323 18
Chris Taylor 134 103 0.373 269 10
Steven Souza Jr. 134 102 0.369 353 17
Tyler Flowers 131 110 0.374 220 6

Now that I’ve done the list and carved it done, it isn’t nearly as shocking as I thought it would be.

Hey, I told you about Marwin Gonzalez last fall when he was on my list as someone to target. Never expected this though.

Scooter Gennett was released this year by the first place Brewers.

The three slugging 1st baseman for the American League. Logan Morrison, Yonder Alonso, and Justin Smoak. All had shown promise as prospects but they have had years of suckitude before breaking out this year.

Travis Shaw had some success as a ppart-timeplayer for the Red Sox but when given full season at-bats he’d failed miserably. Brewers took a chance and he’s their clean up hitter.



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