The Campaign Continues

Dodger fans at the game tonight were treated to Orel Hershiser and Justin Turner putting on the Ritz as they combined on the Nations birthday with a memorable moment. At the same time, Dodger fans listening to Joe Davis got a glimpse why he is filling the big shoes of Vin Scully very well.

Orel took to Dodger vision to implore the fans at the stadium to exercise their right to vote by voting for Justin Turner and send him to Miami. Not long after Orel sat down, Justin Turner added an exclamation point to his campaign by slamming a home run to dead center field.

While the fans at the game were going crazy, Joe Davis was telling those of us at home watching the game

“The campaign continues, Justin Turner just keep on running to Miami”

Can’t make this stuff up.

I do find it funny that while the Keith Law book is being consumed by baseball fans everywhere, and they are being taught that batting average isn’t exactly the best stat to measure a player by, those of us who should know better are giddy over the .388 batting average of Justin Turner as we turn the corner to the all-star game.




  1. 68elcamino427

    This was a neat moment.
    Like a scene from a movie.


  2. 68elcamino427

    Voting for Justin Turner, I did it!


    • Ha, me too. Those Pantone folk are serious fans.


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