No Wood, no way

Every all-star selection season has some head scratchers, but leaving off the best pitcher in the NL seems a bit bizarre.

Jake Lamb is having a fine year, but he’s a 3rd baseman, and for him to make the team while MVP Kris Bryant, Anthony Rendon, and Justin Turner have to get voted on as the last player just doesn’t seem right. There is no metric that would give Lamb the edge over any of those three. 

Hopefully when the dust clears, and all the injured have moved to the sidelines, the team will have room for Wood and Turner. That would be six Dodgers but a team headed for 105 wins should have six all-stars.

Eric Stephen showed us just how hard the road to the all-star game will be for Wood this year. None of the starters selected are currently hurt so they won’t need replacing unless they get hurt this week. That leaves the starters who pitch on Sunday and can’t pitch on Tuesday.  Eric says that Kershaw will still pitch on Sunday so that is one pitcher who might need to be replaced. It would sense to replace Kershaw with Wood but will they? We will find out in a week.





  1. 68elcamino427

    Why not go back to the format used from 1959 to 1962 and have two All Star Games in th same season?

    The MLB really screwed things up royally going back to one game a year in 1963.

    Of course prior to 1933 the All Star game was never played, because there weren’t any.

    If you’re catching my drift then you’ve figured out the All Star Game does not hold much meaning for me. One day the game has no bearing on the MLB Chamionship Season, then suddenly out of nowhere, the game determines home field advantage in the World Series, then the All Star Game has no impact on the regular season again … unless your name is Ray Fosse.

    Meanwhile, the MLB continues to try and perfect the formula for player selection.
    Are they getting closer with the limit of thirty five votes per fan?

    Larry Walker had the All Star Game in the proper perspective when he decided to go into the Right Hand batters box with his batting helmet on backwards when he went up to bat to face Randy Johnson.

    Award winners who are selected by their peers are more meaningful.

    The All Star Game is just an exhibition.
    As a general rule, pitchers throw one inning and batters get one plate appearance.
    The criteria for selecting players for the game is capricious.
    Like a sideshow at a carnival, step right up and get your All Star gear!

    My favorite All Star Game moment was the pregame tribute they gave Ted Williams in Boston.
    Tony Gwynn and all the others by his side.


  2. That was Kruk and yes it was awesome

    I used to love the All-Star game because that was the only time I’d get to see many players back in the day when the Dodgers didn’t televise a lot of games and you only had the Saturday Game of the Week.

    Now I get to watch everyone, everyday so that means nothing to me. Yet, I still look forward to the all-star game. I guess it is in my blood at this point.


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