Steve Perrin nails my thoughts on Chris Paul and the new Clippers

Steve doesn’t write much for SBNation anymore, and I hadn’t been over there in a long time but once the news of the Chris Paul trade had made it to Ferndale, I popped over there to see the take.

I was quite happy to see that Steve had returned to give his thoughts and they basically mirror my own so I don’t need to write anything about the deal.

In fact, if a championship or even a Finals appearance is the ultimate goal (a dubious goal to be certain, but one that is frequently espoused), then signing Paul to a new five year deal would have been the worst possible move. Consider these four simple facts: Chris Paul, 32; Blake Griffin, 28; Steph Curry, 29; Kevin Durant, 28. Five years from now, Paul will be ready to retire. If he were wearing a Clippers’ uniform in the interim, he’d be losing to the Warriors each and every year, because Curry and Durant aren’t going anywhere.


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