Chasing Piazza on June 20th

Yesterday we looked at how Cody Bellinger was doing on chasing down the Mike Piazza LAD rookie record of 35 home runs.  Cody hit two more last night becoming the fastest to 21 home runs in the history of baseball.  At this rate, he might hit 35 home runs before August 1st.

Below is a quick table of how long it took each of the Dodger rookies to hit their first twenty-one home runs of the season.  The PA are estimated within 4 PA.  The table also shows how many home runs they each had by June 19th.

Player Year PA HR HR/PA Total HR by June 19th Total
Piazza 1993 372 21 17.71 13 35
Pederson 2015 407 21 19.38 17 26
Seager 2016 474 21 22.57 15 26
Bellinger 2017 210 21 10.00 21 ???

If this confusing here is a quick legend.

PA – this is the number of plate appearances it took for each rookie to reach 21 home runs. We used 21 home runs because that is where Bellinger is right now.

HR – This is a marker showing you 21 home runs.

HR/PA – this is the home runs per plate appearance pace when they each hit their 21st home run.

Total HR by June 19th – self-explanatory but it includes games of June 19th

Total – season home run total


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  1. 68elcamino427


    Now compare to Ruth and Bonds.

    I do not believe it is too soon to do so.

    Like the greats in all fields of endeavor


    Makes it look ridiculously easy


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