This wasn’t how I drew up the Dodger season

Kind of expected the Dodgers to eventually be the best team in the West but I’ll be honest I kind of figured that meant:

1. Adrian Gonzalez was the 1st baseman
2. Andrew Toles was the LF
3. Chris Taylor was in AAA
4. Cody Bellinger was in AAA
5. Urias had settled in as the 2nd best pitcher in the rotation
6. Hill had settled in as the 3rd best pitcher in the rotation
7. Ryu had been released
8. Logan Forsythe was a solid leadoff hitter
9. Corey Seager was doing something like .300/.375/.525
10. Alex Wood had proven to be a force in the BULLPEN
11. Grant Dayton was 2016 all over again
12. Chase Utley was frustrated over his lack of at-bats
13. Puig was having a 26-year-old season like others before him
14. Joc Pederson was leading the team in home runs
15. Kenley Jansen had walked at least one hitter
16. Kenta Maeda has used his work this winter to consistently pitch into the 6th inning
17. Brock Stewart had taken over the 5th spot in the rotation
18. Justin Turner would have 10 bombs

You get the point. This is amazing


1 Comment

  1. Exactly how the season was mapped out!

    Then, shit happens. Man plans, baseball Gods laugh


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