Strikeouts are kind of boring

That was what I was thinking last night about the 10th inning after a bazillion players struck out in the Dodger / Brewer game.  No one could make contact for either team. Eventually, the game was decided by three solo home runs. Basically, the game consisted of strikeouts or solo home runs.

The strikeouts were historically cool but that was about it. It wasn’t like Clayton Kershaw was dominant, it was more like the Brewers can’t make contact.  At first, I just assumed Kershaw was being brilliant but once Baez/Dayton struck out eight of their own nine hitters they faced I had to come to the conclusion that this might have been more about the Brewers than the Dodger pitchers. The Brewers lead the NL in strikeouts with 524. They strike out over 25% of the time. As a team.

They couldn’t make contact with anyone who wore Dodger blue except one time.

Maybe that type of game floats your boat, but it put me to sleep. I mean I used to love strikeouts and home runs but only because they used to be hard. In a league where everyone strikes out, and everyone hits home runs (except Adrian Gonzalez) it isn’t as cool as it used to be.



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