LAD May RBI Leaderboard – Bellinger makes a dent

Oh so close. Bellinger ends the month of May with twenty-seven RBI but falls one RBI short of Eric Karros and Nomar Garciaparra who both drove in twenty-eight.

Puig is here to remind us that he used to be great, and used to drive in runs.

I kind of expect Tommy Davis or Steve Garvey to be the leaders in these monthly RBI leaderboards because they were the kings of the RBI during their LAD heydays.

Nice to see Wes Parker here. Wes Parker was also a 1st baseman who could play the outfield. In fact if you were around in the early 60’s you got to see both Ron Fairly and Wes Parker play both 1st base and the outfield on a regular basis. I never did. I only got to see Parker play 1st base and he was as good a fielding 1st baseman as I’ve ever seen.

Player              Split Year RBI  PA   OPS TB
Eric Karros           May 2000  28 113 1.021 63
Nomar Garciaparra     May 2006  28 122 1.051 70
Wes Parker            May 1970  27 132  .890 56
Joe Ferguson          May 1973  27 125  .896 53
Raul Mondesi          May 1998  27 123  .946 73
Raul Mondesi          May 1999  27 117 1.034 70
Cody Bellinger        May 2017  27 118  .880 60
Steve Garvey          May 1974  26 127  .911 64
Tommy Davis           May 1962  25 125  .927 61
Yasiel Puig           May 2014  25 128 1.224 79

Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 6/1/2017.


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