Geezer May triple leaderboard

Only twelve players since 1913 who were 38 or older have ever hit three triples in May. It is quite a list.

Player         Split Year 3B  PA
Ty Cobb          May 1925  8 147
Sam Rice         May 1928  6 128
Jake Daubert     May 1922  5 140
Sam Rice         May 1930  4 130
Steve Finley     May 2006  4 120
Omar Vizquel     May 2006  4 118
Jake Daubert     May 1923  3 114
Tris Speaker     May 1926  3 127
Babe Ruth        May 1934  3 109
Bob Johnson      May 1945  3 101
Raul Ibanez      May 2010  3 105
Chase Utley      May 2017  3  79

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Generated 5/31/2017.

Ty Cobb hit eight triples in May of 1925 at the age of 38.

Strangely enough, four players have done it in the 21st century though the last time it was done in the 20th century was 1945.

Babe Ruth is on this list. How about that?



  1. 68elcamino427

    Wonderful perspective.

    Makes me appreciate Utley even more.

    The guy is almost like too good to be true.


  2. Michael Tortoro

    Made me wonder about the dimensions of some of those old fields, since the list is dominated by players from the 1920s. So I looked up the dimensions of League/Dunn Field in Cleveland where Tris Speaker played. Left Field – 375 ft; Left-Center – 415 ft; Center Field – 420 ft; Deep Center – 460 ft; Right-Center – 317 ft; Right Field – 290 ft. The wall in right field was 40 feet tall. Totally unscientific, and just one of the stadiums, but I bet that a lot of the triples would have gone over fences in stadiums with modern dimensions. But then again, they also had smaller “band box” stadiums back then too, I think.


  3. It had to be strange to have a band box field like Ebbets in Brooklyn, and the massive CF dimensions of the Polo grounds in NY. Those quirky stadiums must have made home/road games interesting. Didn’t the original Yankee stadium also have a huge CF and short RF porch ala the Polo Grounds?


  4. Michael Tortoro

    Yep. 450 feet to CF with a 296 foot RF porch.

    In searching for this I found this website called Clem’s Baseball, which has nifty diagrams of stadiums. I had no idea that in 1969 they moved home plate up by 10 feet at Dodger Stadium–I had assumed that the current dimensions had always existed.


    • I remember that. That was why prior to 69 Dodger Stadium was even more of a pitchers park. The plate was moved up ten feet at Dodger Stadium and the mound was lowered in all of baseball and no more would Len Gabrielson lead a Dodger team in home runs with 10.


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