Dodgers win 18th game in May

The red-hot Dodgers won their 18th game in May, something they haven’t done since 2010 when they went 20 – 8.  Those 18 wins are the fourth most in LAD franchise history with the most being 21 wins in 1962. With two games left the Dodgers have a shot at 20 wins which they accomplished in both 2009 and 2010.

They accomplished the win today with a Bellinger blast and bullet. Bellinger crushed a 3-0 pitch deep into the right-field seats and followed that with a fantastic throw to nail a Cardinal at home plate.  With DeJong at 2nd base, a shot to SS caromed off of Seager into shallow left field. Bellinger charged and picked it up with his bare hand and fired a bullet to Grandal who applied the tag to the face of DeJong.

Rich Hill gave the Dodgers four great innings plus three more outs to get the game to the bullpen with a 3 – 1. The bullpen took it from there firing four more scoreless innings.  Brandon Morrow who was just brought up even threw a scoreless inning.

Chase Utley hit his 3rd home run in five games, and Logan Forsythe hit his first home run of the year.

The Rockies finally lost and the Dodgers are now just 1/2 game from 1st place. The Rockies had to have been hoping that playing the Cardinals/Cubs/Cardinals/Brewers would slow down the Dodgers but instead the Dodgers have gone 6 – 1 so far with six games left.

They are doing it in a crazy way:

  • Their starting 3rd baseman who leads the league in hitting is on the DL
  • Their starting CF is on the DL and he was struggling anyway before he got hurt
  • Their original starting LF is out for the year
  • The 20-year-old pitcher who was supposed to be a fixture in the rotation is now in AAA trying to find his command
  • Their clean up hitter and slugging 1st  baseman has hit one home run, and it is May 29th

Yeah, I’d be worried if I was the Rockies.


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