Can Kenta break the 4 game DL losing streak?

So far this year the Dodgers have lost the first game of every starter who has come back from the disabled list. They are 0 -4 in those games, with only one pitcher pitching notably well.

The Games:

  • 4/16/2017 – Rich Hill makes his first return from the DL and loses 3 – 1. Hill would only get nine outs in his first game back.
  • Ryu lost 10 – 7 at Coors on 5/11.  Hey, welcome back, now go get those Rockie hitters out.
  • Brandon McCarthy lost on 5/15 to the Giants 8 – 4 giving up six earned runs in five innings.
  • Rich Hill tried again on May 16th but lost to the Giants 2 – 1. Hill pitched well, the Dodgers just didn’t give him any support.

It is now Kenta Maeda’s turn to break the four-game DL losing streak.  Kenta had made three straight good starts including an eight-inning stint in his last start and then he was on the DL. Lets hope he can find the same rhythm he had going in his last three starts before the DL transaction.


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  1. 68elcamino427


    McCarthy looked pretty good for the first few innings of his last start, then seemed to run out of grass and fell off the cliff.

    Maeda looked very good in his last outing.

    Urias appeared to have the “tired arm” or “dead arm” his last time out.
    Looked like he was dragging his arm along through his motion.

    Ryu, there might be more going on with him than we are being told.

    Hill, doing about as I expected from the start of the season, unfortunately.

    Stewart is getting ready.
    Oaks is about as ready as he’s gonna get too.

    Hopefully Urias merely needs to correct a mechanical issue.

    Hope the Dodgers do not wind up needing to trade for a starter.
    This would approach the level of the Lakers needing to package a young talent in order to shed the dumb contracts they signed Deng and Mosgov to.


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