This is how you lose five of six with an ERA of 1.50

Joe Davis was wondering how the Cardinals could be losers of five of their last six games when the rotation had an ERA of 1.50.  Which made me wonder.

This is how:

May 16th – Lose to Boston 6  – 3. Lance Lynn starts, gives up only  two earned runs but four total runs. The team gives up three unearned runs with errors by Gyorko, Pham, and Wong. That is seven errors for Wong which sounds like a lot because it is.

May 17th – Lose to Boston 5 – 4.  Mike Leake started and gave up two earned runs in seven innings.  The Cardinals blew a four run lead with Leake giving up a two run home run in the 7th, and Trevor Rosenthal giving up the tying runs in the 8th.

May 19th – Lose to Giants 6 -5. Michael Wacha started and gave up zero earned runs in six innings. The Cardinals had a 2 – 0 lead headed into the top of the 7th. Broxton gave up two runs in the 7th, and Oh blew the game in the 9th when he gave up two more runs.

May  20th – Lose to Giants 3 – 1. Another thirteen inning affair that Joe Davis called on National TV.  Carlos Martinez throws nine scoreless innings but Kevin Siegrist gives up three runs in the 13th.

At this point the Cardinal starters have thrown 15 straight scoreless innings and lost both games.  Twenty two innings of two earned runs and lost three straight games. Twenty eight innings of four earned runs and lost four straight games.

They finally win on May 21st, when the offense pounds Matt Cain while Adam Wainwright gives up only one earned run in six innings.

Lost to the Dodgers on May 23rd 2 – 1 as they run into the buzzshaw making Lance Lynn’s eight innings of one run ball pointless.

That is five losses in six games with the starters giving up only six earned runs in forty two innings.

That is how it is done.



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