Thar might be gold in that Taylor

The team with the largest payroll in the history of baseball shouldn’t be allowed to uncover massive gold nuggets while panning in the rivers of utility players, but they keep doing it.

The story of Justin Turner is already will documented, and now the question is, have they done it again?

Chris Taylor was a simple utility player who rode the train between AAA and the Mariners for several years. Even with 230 plate appearances, Chris Taylor had never hit a major league home run. When the Dodgers traded for him last summer he was playing in AAA and the price was simply Zach Lee. Or to be more succinct the price was nothing.

Taylor came over and hit a triple in his first game as a Dodger but didn’t do much for the first few weeks. He barely played getting seventeen plate appearances and getting three hits.

That all changed on July 15th when he got the start at second base.  It all started quietly enough with Taylor striking out in his first at-bat. It got good after that. In his 2nd at-bat he hit a triple driving in two runs. In his 3rd at-bat he hit a double. His fourth at-bat he hit his first major league home run, which also was his first grand slam. It was a game of firsts for Taylor and the Dodgers:

1st LAD to hit a grand slam as his first home run

1st LAD second baseman to drive in six runs

1st LAD to hit a grand slam, a double, and triple in the same game

1st Dodger second baseman since Jackie Robinson to drive in six runs

Taylor would collect six hits in three games and while that was his offensive peak in 2016, it appears that was just a peak into what he was going to do in 2017.

I’ll let fangraphs take it from here: If you got this far, I’d really recommend clicking on the provided link, it is a fun read.

It’s also allowing him to walk a lot more. Taylor’s taken a free pass in an impressive 16.8% of his plate appearances, which happens to be the exact same rate at which Joey Votto‘s walking this season. So, to recap: Taylor is hitting for high average, hitting for power, walking at a high rate, and fielding well. He’s doing all that in some snappy stirrups, too. The Dodgers may have a hell of a find on their hands, even when the regression dragons decide to work their magic.



  1. 68elcamino427

    Dodgers would be foolish to take Taylor out of the line in favor of Forsythe when Turner returns.

    Forsythe should stay on rehab until he is hitting again.
    It’s kinda like he is going through ST all over again.
    No need to rush him back.


    • I’m not ready to believe he’s better than Forsythe, but a few years ago, Taylor is right where Forsythe was when Logan joined the Rays.


      • 68elcamino427

        Bet you Taylor hits RHP better!


        • 68elcamino427

          Tampa Bay with the team lead in HR in the game against the Angels tonight.
          In The Tampa Dome.


        • 68elcamino427

          … Still flogging the horse …

          After watching the Angels play in Tampa last night,
          Upon awakening this morning, I wondered how many home runs Turner might have this season if he played al of his games indoors at Tampa. So many of those fly balls just to the wall we have seen him hit are likely out at the Tampa baseball facility.

          Last night Maybin hit a baseball the LF and CF were tracking, going back, and getting near the wall. Then, looking up they both stopped moving simultaneously. The next thing in the camera view is the ball falling straight down 20 ft in front of them. The ball hit a catwalk or support for the roof. Like having basketball players play a game in a gym with a low ceiling.


        • 68elcamino427

          With a sharply hit ball to the RF foul pole
          For the walk off hit In extra innings
          Scoring Hernandez!

          Maybe this will teach me not to doubt him


  2. Mike Sacha

    The game I went to on Mother’s Day Mr Taylor really impressed me at the plate. Very aggressive in the box. Quick bat. He was on everything. That kid pitching for the Rockie was tough too.very impressed.


    • I’m not scout but the bat speed has been impressive. Crazy walk rate too.


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