OTDIB – May 22nd – Piazza finds his HOF cap

On this date in baseball:
May 22nd, 1998 – Mike Piazza gets traded again, this time to the Met’s where he would enjoy a HOF career. While the Dodgers got slugger Gary Sheffield for Piazza, the Marlins got jack shit from the Mets. Kind of funny how Dodger fans have hated that trade for years, but it was really the Marlins who got screwed.

The Mets trade Preston Wilson, Geoff Goetz, and Ed Yarnell to the Marlins for Mike Piazza. Florida had acquired the All-Star catcher last week from the Dodgers, along with Todd Zeille in exchange for Gary Sheffield, Bobby Bonilla, Charles Johnson, Jim Eisenreich, and Manuel Barrios.

May 22nd, 1968 – Pops Stargell picks up 15 total bases. Remember this was 1968, the year the offense went missing in baseball.

At Wrigley Field, Pirates’ slugger Willie Stargell hits three home runs and just misses a fourth in a 13-6 rout over the Cubs. ‘Pops’ also hit a single and a double, which bounced off the railing of the left field fence back onto the playing field.


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