Dodger depth keeps getting tested

The Dodger mantra the last two years has been the depth of the forty man roster. The Dodgers tested that depth to the extreme last year related to the rotation when fifteen different pitchers toed the mound to make a start for the Dodgers.

In 2017 it is the position players getting tested. It all started innocently enough when Andre Ethier hurt his back and probably ended his esteemed LAD career.  With each passing week however a new name gets added and while the Dodgers have had plenty of fingers to put in the dikes you do start to wonder at what point does the team run out of dike fillers from within the organization.

Logan Forsythe breaks toe, but is capably replaced by the two headed monster of Chase Utley and Chris Taylor. Chase picked a good time to go on a tear after appearing to be ready for moth balls. Chris Taylor has simply been outstanding in every aspect.

Joc Pederson hits the DL and the Dodgers bring up the wonderkid Cody Bellinger who moves to LF with Toles going to center. Toles takes his anemic exit velocity and proceeds to go on his own hitting tear that goes largely unnoticed because Cody Bellinger was busy winning player of the week in his first week of major league action.

Adrian Gonzalez finally succumbs to his nagging injury and hits the DL for the first time in his career. No problem because the wonder kid Cody Bellinger moves to 1st base.

Joc Pederson comes off the DL but Andrew Toles tears his knee hitting the wall trying to save a no hitter that had no chance of ever being completed. At the time I didn’t think it would hurt that much in the long term because Bellinger could take LF when Adrian returned.

While waiting for Adrian to return, Chase Utley takes over 1st base, moving Bellinger to LF and the two are very productive in that role.

Adrian returns for one game only to have Justin Turner hit the DL when he pulls his hammy trying to score.

In the short term, the Dodgers have Chase to play 2nd while mixing Hernandez and Taylor at 3rd.

Luckily Logan Forsythe is due back next week where he’ll probably play 3rd base with Taylor and Chase continuing to man 2nd base.

For right now the Dodgers are okay, but they are certainly stretched and anymore injuries might make the front office go outside the organization for help but it really is a testament to the depth that they have suffered so many body blows and are still standing. Luckily most of the blows have been short term and it is very possible that Cody Bellinger was the best option for left field from the get go.


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