Might be something to be said for rhythm

The Dodgers front office has shown a propensity in recent years to push MLB rules as far as they can until MLB has to change them to make sure the details of the rule can’t be pushed beyond what the original letter of intent was by a boatload of analysts.

This was never more evident in the past few weeks when the Dodgers basically thumbed their noses at the 10 day DL  and have decided to use that mechanism as a way to keep all seven starters on the 25-man roster.  They can do this because they have seven bonafide starters.  Instead of having to make the hard decision and tell someone they going to the bullpen or AAA they are trying to appease everyone while annoying a few.

They are asking these rotation pieces to be team players but I doubt they ever ask Clayton Kershaw to take a phantom DL turn.  I guess this is how they will manage the Urias innings.

I understand the Dodger motives but I can’t help but wonder that instead of making the hard decision, they are creating a bigger problem in that the rhythm of a pitcher isn’t going to be compromised by using the DL in this fashion.

The first use of it was Ryu who came off yesterday. Ryu’s command was all over the place and he was shelled. It was Colorado and Coors but does that really explain his lack of command? In his previous three starts before being put on the phantom DL Ryu had walked only five in fourteen innings.  He had struck out nineteen. Last night after not having pitched in ten days, he walked six, and the balls hit hard could be blamed on lack of location.

Brandon McCarthy will come off his phantom DL this coming Monday. He will have last pitched on April 29th.

Kenta Maeda won’t pitch for at least ten days after being on an excellent three-game run.

Can these pitchers keep the beat even after being skipped

Time will tell.  If it works out, expect all of baseball to follow this route once they figure out how to get seven bonafide major league starters into a rotation.



  1. Mike Sacha

    Time will tell but I think you are 100% correct. Pitchers need to pitch. This baby’ing shit is getting really old. 9 relievers in the bullpen is terrible for the game. I hate the direction of the game and I hate being a fan of a team that thumbs there nose at the intent of rules and regulations. Go Orioles!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 68elcamino427

      Up next

      NL DH!

      (just trying to help)


  2. 68elcamino427

    It might be best to take the games played over the elevation of five thousand feet out of the study.

    Nomo’s miracle game at Mile High notwithstanding, pitchers with lower velocity who rely on movement are just looking for trouble facing the Colorado batters.

    If these pitchers are just on “The Resttime DL”, there is nothing that prevents these pitchers from maintaining their programs and throwing on the side.

    Ryu could have just been a victim of the altitude.
    He could have just had a bad day.
    Or, there might really be something wrong with Ryu.
    The way the Dodgers slow walk the injury news, it might not be his butt muscle, it could be something with stability in the throwing shoulder.

    We shall see …


    • I’m no pitcher but I don’t think throwing on the side (aka bullpen sessions), can effectively mimic game conditions for keeping a pitcher on his schedule. If that was true they wouldn’t make a big deal about getting the rotation set up during spring training. That was my biggest issue with Urias last Sept, the belief they could just have him do side sessions and expect him to be the 4th starter in the postseson rotation without any consequences. He was brilliant for 9 hitters. Not what you want from a postseason starter.


  3. 68elcamino427

    In the 60’s it was a four man rotation.
    Some team’s would go with a Three man for spells.
    Then the five man.
    The “Fireman” became a closer.

    This is the next new thing.

    Last season Maeda led Dodgers pitchers with just 175 IP.

    Spreading out the innings for pitchers who have a recent injury history makes sense.
    If they really need adrenaline to perfect their feel and touch with work on the side,
    The trainers can just give them a shot 🙂


    • Unless they expand the rosters I don’t think it is a new thing, just something that will be temp for this season as they figure out new language for the disabled list.


      • 68elcamino427

        “If you’re not cheating
        You’re not trying”

        – Leo Durocher
        Maybe that was George Allen


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