Masterson is masterful once again

The Dodgers rotation is so loaded they have to game the system to keep the seven legitimate rotation options on the major league roster which must leave Justin Masterson wondering how he’s going to crack the Dodger major league rotation. Masterson has done everything an NRI could do to bring attention to himself but in this numbers game, he’s the odd man out.

On Friday night, Masterson went seven more innings, gave up just three hits, two runs, walked two, and struck out six. He’s given up just three runs in his last four starts combined.

The one-time major league all-star is making his case for another chance but is anyone watching? You’d think major league teams would be seeking out the Dodgers for a chance to get Masterson onto their rotation.

Teams right and left are desperate for pitching, so much so that they are just handing the ball to relief pitchers and hoping they can put a finger into the rotational dikes that are over threatening to overflow.

Would the Dodgers listen? They probably don’t need his depth anymore, but maybe they would like him as an option for the bullpen?

Either way, all Masterson can do is keep dealing, but right now he’s starting to remind me of the reclamation project that was Wilson Alveraz back in 2003. Alvarez signed as an NRI and started out in AAA just like Masterson. Wilson was also a one-time major league all-star. Wilson was 33, Masterson is 32.  Wilson made eight starts and had a 1.34 ERA. Masterson has made seven starts and has a 1.91 ERA.

Alvarez was promoted in May of 2003 and went on to be one of the Dodgers best pitchers in 2003.

I don’t think Masterson can be any better than what the current Dodger options are, but I do think he could be a better option for many other teams where they aren’t using the DL for gamesmanship, they are using it because so many of their starters are actually hurt and they could use a Masterson right about now.

Maybe the Dodgers can flip this NRI for something useful. After all, they were able to trade a useless Zach Lee for Chris Taylor.


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  1. 68elcamino427


    Bet the Dodges get calls from all 34 team’s daily keeping their temperature on who they might be willing to move.
    Sellers Market!


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