Wood / Urias / Maeda sweep away Pirates

The unlikely trio blew through the anemic Pirate offense to give the Dodgers a much-needed sweep as they head into Colorado for an early season bruhaha with the first place Rockies.

To accomplish the sweep the trio put up some personal accomplishments:

  • The first time Maeda pitched into the 9th inning
  • Heck, it was the first time Maeda pitching into the 8th inning
  • The first time Urias got at least 17 outs
  • 10th best game score of Alex Wood’s career (73)
  • 4th highest game score of Kenta Maeda’s career (70)
  • Highest game score of Julio Urias career (70)

Besides those personal accomplishments the starting pitching:

  • Gave up only three earned runs in 19 2/3 innings
  • Gave up only eight hits in 19 2/3 innings
  • Struck out 21 and walked only 3 in 19 2/3 innings
  • All three pitchers had a game score over 70
  • 2nd/3rd/4th highest games scores of the season that did not involve Clayton Kershaw
Player                  Date  IP H ER BB SO GSc
Clayton Kershaw   2017-04-14 8.1 4  1  1  8  78
Clayton Kershaw   2017-04-03 7.0 2  1  0  8  75
Alex Wood         2017-04-26 6.0 1  0  1  5  74
Alex Wood         2017-05-08 5.0 2  0  1 11  73

Kenta Maeda       2017-05-10 8.1 5  2  0  5  70

Julio Urias       2017-05-09 6.1 1  1  2  5  70

Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 5/11/2017.

The sweep by these three left me wondering when was the last time the Dodgers swept a series that did not involve Clayton Kershaw while Kershaw was in the rotation.


1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    The Ninja is back!

    Maeda sure has fun playing baseball.
    I love this guy!

    Utley with hits again!

    Even though the Pirates look like the East Coast Padres
    A win is a win is a win!


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