Dodger offensive resurgence fueled by Bellinger / Taylor / Toles

On the day the Dodgers brought up Cody Bellinger on April 25th their record was a floundering 9 – 11. Chris Taylor had been brought up on April 19th.  Toles had an OPS of .678 on April 24th.  It was like Bellinger lit a fire under his arse because one of them was going to go when Joc came off the DL. Luckily for both, it was Adrian.

Since the day of CODY the trio is on fire and has fueled the Dodger offensive explosion in May and propelled the Dodgers to a 9 – 3 mark and 18 – 14 overall.

Andrew Toles 45 14 2 1 0.326 0.356 0.535 0.890
Cody Bellinger 51 15 5 5 0.326 0.392 0.717 1.110
Chris Taylor 34 9 2 9 0.360 0.529 0.600 1.129

1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    And they continued on again tonight!

    Hope Toles is ok.


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