Bellinger and the LAD multiple HR multiple position list

Eric Stephen put together a nice list of the exploits by Cody Bellinger based on what he had done in his first eleven career games. However, the one stat that fascinates me was the one where he had hit multiple home runs from multiple positions.

I had to update this column because Cody Bellinger keeps hitting multiple home runs from multiple positions. When I first wrote this in May, Cody had just completed the task of hitting two home runs in the same game from both 1st base and LF.  I wrote this:

The two home runs on May 5th put him in some interesting company. Bellinger is now the youngest LAD to ever hit two home runs at 1st base. He is also the second youngest to ever hit two home runs from left field. Which easily makes him the youngest to ever hit two home runs from multiple positions.

When Cody was first brought up he was put in LF to make up for the DL stint of Joc Pederson. He promptly hit two home runs while playing LF on April 29th.  Eventually, Adrian Gonzalez hit the DL and Bellinger moved to his primary position of 1st base, and hit two home runs on May 5th.

Thus making Bellinger one of a handful of LAD players to hit multiple home runs while playing 1st base and LF.

Since I wrote that  Cody has become one of the few to also hit multiple home runs from THREE different positions when he hit two home runs as a right fielder on June 25th, 2017.

Heading over to baseball reference I tried to put together a list of LAD who had hit home runs from multiple positions. It wasn’t easy so I had to parse out the seasons and upload them so I could manipulate the data. I’m 99% sure I got this right and this is what I found.

Cody Bellinger joined Mike Marshall and Rick Monday as the only LAD who did it from three positions. Marshall did it as a 1st baseman, LF, and RF. Rick Monday did it from every outfield position. Cody has done from 1st, LF, and now RF.

Pedro Guerrero came oh so close to making the triple list.  He already had done it as a 3rd baseman and right fielder. On Sept 12, 1984 he started the game as a 1st baseman and hit a home run in the 3rd as a 1st baseman. Unfortunately, he was switched out from 1st to RF and hit a second home run in the 9th but as an RF so alas he does not qualify.

Below is the list. The Date is the first time they hit multiple home runs at that position. HMT stands for “How Many Times. For example, Andre Ethier hit multiple home runs as an RF, eleven times with the first being on 8/17/2008.  Sorted by first name.

Player Date H HR Pos HMT
Al Ferrara 5/20/1967 3 2 LF 1
Al Ferrara 6/7/1966 3 2 RF 1
Andre Ethier 7/24/2006 4 2 LF 1
Andre Ethier 8/17/2008 3 2 RF 11
Cody Bellinger 6/25/2017 3 2 RF 1
Cody Bellinger 5/5/2017 3 2 1B 4
Cody Bellinger 4/29/2017 2 2 LF 1
Cory Snyder 4/17/1994 3 3 1B 1
Cory Snyder 8/14/1993 2 2 RF 1
Duke Snider 8/5/1959 3 2 CF 2
Duke Snider 6/19/1959 2 2 RF 1
Frank Howard 4/29/1961 3 2 1B 1
Frank Howard 8/25/1961 2 2 RF 1
Franklin Stubbs 4/21/1987 3 2 1B 1
Franklin Stubbs 6/24/1986 3 2 LF 2
Gil Hodges 5/4/1959 4 2 1B 3
Gil Hodges 9/7/1958 3 2 3B 1
J.D. Drew 6/2/2005 2 2 CF 2
J.D. Drew 5/2/2006 3 2 RF 2
Jayson Werth 6/26/2005 2 2 CF 1
Jayson Werth 8/6/2004 2 2 LF 1
Jim Lefebvre 5/7/1966 3 2 2B 2
Jim Lefebvre 4/14/1966 2 2 3B 1
Joe Ferguson 8/25/1973 3 2 C 6
Joe Ferguson 5/25/1975 2 2 RF 2
Justin Turner 9/23/2014 2 2 2B 1
Justin Turner 6/17/2016 3 2 3B 2
Marquis Grissom 5/2/2001 2 2 CF 2
Marquis Grissom 5/26/2001 2 2 LF 2
Matt Kemp 4/19/2009 3 2 CF 6
Matt Kemp 7/29/2014 3 2 RF 1
Mike Marshall 5/3/1988 3 2 1B 1
Mike Marshall 4/22/1984 5 2 LF 1
Mike Marshall 8/3/1983 3 2 RF 7
Pedro Guerrero 5/15/1983 2 2 3B 2
Pedro Guerrero 6/14/1985 2 2 LF 3
Pedro Guerrero 5/9/1981 2 2 RF 2
Raul Mondesi 4/25/1995 3 2 CF 2
Raul Mondesi 8/1/1995 3 2 RF 12
Rick Monday 6/20/1977 3 2 CF 4
Rick Monday 5/26/1983 2 2 LF 2
Rick Monday 9/12/1981 2 2 RF 1
Scott Van Slyke 6/9/2014 3 2 CF 1
Scott Van Slyke 5/17/2013 2 2 RF 1
Shawn Green 5/6/2004 2 2 1B 3
Shawn Green 4/30/2000 2 2 RF 15
Todd Hollandsworth 7/18/1995 3 2 CF 1
Todd Hollandsworth 5/11/1996 3 2 LF 1
Tommy Davis 7/30/1960 2 2 CF 1
Tommy Davis 5/12/1962 2 2 LF 2
Wally Moon 4/19/1961 3 2 LF 2
Wally Moon 1959-09-11 (1) 2 2 RF 1
Willie Crawford 9/20/1973 3 2 LF 1
Willie Crawford 1974-07-05 (2) 2 2 RF 1

Al Ferrara nicknamed “The Bull” was one of my early Dodger favorites. I never got to see him play.  He was simply a favorite because he hit 16 home runs in 1967 on a team where no one hit home runs.

It is easy to forget just how great a LAD Andre Ethier has been. I was hoping he’d have one more year left in his tank but with his back injury and the logjam, he’d be facing when/if he ever gets off the DL, that is looking very doubtful.

I could go on and on about everyone on this list and maybe some other time I will.

I’ll just leave it with this.

Frank Howard only started six games as a LAD 1st baseman. The fact he hit two home runs while playing in one of those six games to make this list made me smile.



  1. Treasure chest of Dodger lore


    • 68elcamino427

      Wally Moon
      Tommy Davis
      Duke Snider
      Gill Hodges
      Cody Bellinger


  2. 68elcamino427

    Al “The Bull” Ferrara
    Joe Ferguson
    have always reminded me of one another.

    So fortunate to have seen all the players on this list!



    • I missed Ferrara, Snider, Hodges, Tommy and Wally. I saw Frenchy but his power was gone by the time I saw him.
      Hey, did you notice that Hodges did it as a 3rd baseman? I had to check the box score to make sure it was correct and it was.


      • 68elcamino427

        Gil Hodges holds a special place in the heart of Vin Scully.

        Many times I have heard Vin say that Hodges was a better man than a baseball player.
        He also said that Hodges was the strongest player he had seen.

        Vin Scully, God Bless your heart!


  3. Mike Sacha

    This is such great work!


  4. JT and Frenchy the only two to do it with 2B as one of the positions.


    • and both were 2nd / 3rd. No SS on the list, was kind of hoping that Grabarkewitz might have made it as a SS/3rd but he only did it as a 3rd baseman. Sudakis could have been a cool C/3rd combo but he only did it as a catcher.


      • Which just means that Seager will be the first SS/3rd Combo in about five years.


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