One fairly tough decision down, two to go

The Dodgers activated Franklyn Gutierrez off the DL and sent Scott Van Slyke to AAA. Van Slyke will join Trayce Thompson in an effort to find his swing with full-time at-bats. The last time Scott Van Slyke was in the minors that did not involve a rehab assignment was 2013.

This seemed like the obvious move. Just like Josh Fields, Scott Van Slyke should walk to his flight because it would not surprise me if Guiterrez gets hurts before the game is over.

If Guiterrez can stay healthy and hit, it could be a long AAA summer for Van Slyke/Eibner/Thompson.

Later on this week the Dodgers will be activating Logan Forsythe and have to make a decision on who gets sent down. Chris Taylor has to be the favorite to get sent to AAA even though he has been very productive while Forsythe was on the disabled list. If it was only about production, Chase Utley would be waived but I’m sure he’ll bounce out of his slump. Though as Chase has aged and Taylor has improved, it is very possible that having Chris Taylor on the 25-man roster is best for the team, even accounting for all the good teamwork stuff that Chase is reportedly good at.

On Friday Joc Pederson is due back. At that point, the Dodgers have to make a huge decision. For me, the decision is obvious, put Adrian on the DL and install Bellinger as your everyday 1st baseman while Adrian heals.  I don’t expect the Dodgers to make that decision.

If the Dodgers do what I expect they will do, the team will look the same as the opening day positional roster except without Scott Van Slyke. This would leave them with only one left-handed pinch hitter (Chase Utley), and one first baseman when Toles/Pederson start against RHP. On the days that Adrian sits, I would expect Logan Forsythe to play 1st base.

That doesn’t look to me like the best use of the Dodger roster so here is hoping they surprise me.




  1. 68elcamino427

    Gonzalez to the DL for a while.
    Let the elbow simmer down.
    It’s a long season.


    • Mike Sacha

      I agree and it is snowing in Denver. No snow in the forecast and it has been snowing for a few hours.


      • 68elcamino427

        Hey, we put the hot stove away months ago!


  2. At first I thought this was a trading deadline comment


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