Justin Turner closing in on LAD double record for April/March

With nine doubles already on the books, Justin Turner has a good shot to match the most doubles ever hit in the April/March time frame by a LAD.

Player                  Split Year 2B  PA   OPS
Rafael Furcal     April/March 2008 12 130 1.063
Hanley Ramirez    April/March 2014 11 110  .834
Cesar Izturis     April/March 2002 10 107  .708
Shawn Green       April/March 2003 10 127  .794
Andre Ethier      April/March 2011 10 121 1.002
Shawn Green       April/March 2000  9 111  .944
Paul Lo Duca      April/March 2002  9  96  .779
Adrian Gonzalez   April/March 2014  9 114 1.021
Adrian Gonzalez   April/March 2015  9  88 1.222
Justin Turner     April/March 2017  9  67  .965

Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 4/23/2017.

Based on the table above, I guess the LAD simply didn’t many doubles in April/May until the 21st century.  Digging deeper I found eight LAD hit eight doubles before the 21st century.  Who knew that nine was the dividing line. The first LAD to hit ten doubles in a month was Cesar Izturis. Shawn Green hit nine doubles in 2000 and ten doubles in 2003.

Who can forget the blazing start to the 2008 season by Rafy Furcal?


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