Dodger DL moves in 2017 so far

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Generated 4/20/2017.

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Given we have heard little about Andre I would be pushing that estimated return date. Same for Scott Kazmir. Logan Forsythe is expected to miss several weeks since it is a hairline fracture so I’d expect that estimated return to be put further out.

Player Name Pos Injury Move Estimated Return
Dayton, Grant P Side 10-Day DL 4/29/2017
Ethier, Andre OF Back 10-Day DL 5/1/2017
Forsythe, Logan 2B Toe 10-Day DL 4/30/2017
Garcia, Yimi P Elbow 60-Day DL 3/1/2018
Gutierrez, Franklin OF Hamstring 10-Day DL 4/24/2017
Hill, Rich P Finger 10-Day DL 4/16/2017 ***
Hill, Rich P Finger 10-Day DL 4/26/2017
Kazmir, Scott P Hip 10-Day DL 4/24/2017
Baez, Pedro P Arm 10-Day DL 4/12/2017 ***
Ravin, Josh P Groin 10-Day DL 4/21/2017
Segedin, Rob OF Toe 10-Day DL 4/30/2017
Stewart, Brock P Shoulder 10-Day DL 5/1/2017


  1. 68elcamino427


    For this DL list
    “Only the beginning
    Only just the start”

    Dayton strains a rib cage muscle.
    Do not hear of this injury very often.

    Ether, in ST when HJ predicted Andre wouldn’t make it to the field ever again
    I said to myself, there’s no way Ethier would retire and give up the money for the last year of his contract. Right, Carl Crawford?
    How about this idea? When players are unable to perform, their pay is donated to help feed the homeless. Just prorate the pay on a daily basis for every day they are out.

    Forsythe, Ouch. I agree that it will take more than two weeks.
    The pain threshold and the ability to block out nerve pain and perform are two different things.
    It is difficult to convince the body to drive off a knee or foot or big toe when a searing knififing pain erupts due to the action of swinging a baseball bat, throwing also, to a lesser extent.
    Swinging the bat goes from a standstill to full force like a dragster.

    Garcia – Wonder if he will ever return? If he finally does, it might not be with the Dodgers.

    Gutierrez – When he gets off the DL, how many days till he is back on it again?
    He is a poster boy for the old, worn out player.
    I’m sure he’s a nice enough person.

    Hill – What a contract.
    The character Townie from Water Boy would make a nice cheerleader for Hill.
    “You can do it … you can do it all night long!”
    “You can do it!”
    “Oh no! We suck again!”

    Kazmir – see Ethier

    Ravin – He is out of options, right?

    Segedin – He likely goes back to the OKC roster when he is ready to come off the DL.
    Meanwhile, the MLB pay rate is in force!

    Stewart – On the path DeLeon traveled in 2016.

    Who’s Next?


  2. I like that Segedin gets his MLB pay. Given his time was going to be short on the MLB roster now he gets some extra pay days and service time.


    • 68elcamino427

      The milk and shoes for the new baby requires lots and lots of money.


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