Delving into Goose-Eggs

Last night Joe Davis was describing a new stat that Nate Silver would like to implement to replace the horrid save stat. It is called Goose-Eggs after the great HOF relief pitcher Goose Gossage. I knew even before Joe started describing what the stat would entail that I would like it because I’ve always disliked the modern save stat, and the bullpen usage that has become commonplace because of the stat.  Modern day managers, manage to the stat and not to the game situation. That started to change last year with Andrew Miller shedding light on something that was commonplace in the 60’s and 70’s.

Suffice to say, I LOVE GOOSE-EGGS

A relief pitcher10 records a goose egg for each inning in which:
It’s the seventh inning or later;

At the time the pitcher faces his first batter of the inning:

His team leads by no more than two runs, or

The score is tied, or

The tying run is on base or at bat

No runs (earned or unearned) are charged to the pitcher in the inning and no inherited runners score while the pitcher is in the game; and
The pitcher either:
Records three outs (one inning pitched), or

Records at least one out, and the number of outs recorded plus the number of inherited runners totals at least three.

Nate has provided a whole database for every season for every pitcher. This will be a quick overview of the top LAD Goose Egg seasons but I hope to delve into this in more detail later as this isn’t just a new stat, but in theory, the proper way to use your best bullpen pieces. Here are top ten Goose-Egg seasons by a LAD relief pitcher:

Here are top ten Goose-Egg seasons by a LAD relief pitcher:

name year goose_eggs broken_eggs mehs gwar
Mike Marshall 1974 66 20 8 1.152789
Ron Perranoski 1963 62 9 7 4.536201
Charlie Hough 1976 58 9 6 4.894337
Mike Marshall 1975 57 14 8 1.862441
Jim Brewer 1970 55 11 4 4.419016
Charlie Hough 1977 55 21 8 -0.276733
Jay Howell 1989 55 5 5 4.870559
Steve Howe 1980 51 12 14 2.183871
Jim Brewer 1969 50 13 4 2.143223
Ron Perranoski 1967 48 8 4 3.001465
Ken Howell 1986 48 19 6 -0.2419165
Jim Gott 1993 48 10 6 2.914261

Here are the top ten gWAR (goose egg WAR) by a LAD relief pitcher:

name year gwar goose_eggs broken_eggs mehs
Eric Gagne 2002 5.458059 46 3 5
Eric Gagne 2004 5.405847 46 5 4
Eric Gagne 2003 5.189788 47 4 1
Charlie Hough 1976 4.894337 58 9 6
Jay Howell 1989 4.870559 55 5 5
Ron Perranoski 1963 4.536201 62 9 7
Jim Brewer 1970 4.419016 55 11 4
Takashi Saito 2006 4.384585 36 4 5
Jonathan Broxton 2009 4.275378 40 4 2
Todd Worrell 1995 4.088851 35 3 2

Mike Marshall had the most goose eggs but he also had the most broken eggs thus knocking him off his perch. Gagne wins out the GWAR because he pitched so many perfect innings and because the LAD offense was so limited in 2002 and 2003 he came in many times in close situations. I have not broken down his seasons, that is just what I think happened.


Broken Eggs:

A relief pitcher records a broken egg for each inning in which:

He could have gotten a goose egg if he’d recorded enough outs;
At least one earned run is charged to the pitcher; and
The pitcher does not close out the win for his team.





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