Curmudgeon man and NY Times take a look at the Cub celebration

Watching the Dodgers games last week against the Cubs, as the Cubs celebrated their first World Championship in over a century reminded me just how overblown World Championships are these days. The ceremonies are as though the cure for Cancer was discovered, and the rings are gross representations of American materialism at its worst. Taste is out, bigger is better is the mantra of the day.

I get that the Cub fans had been waiting through World War I, World War II, The Korean conflict, The Vietnam War, the Kuwaiti Oil war, and the Iraq conquest before getting to celebrate their Cub World Championship, and my hat was off to them for the deed.

I’m just not sure it needed to take this long, but I guess when a simple regular season walk-off is celebrated as though they had gone into a burning building and pulled out the orphans and a puppy it is not surprising that World Championships are celebrated this way.

Either way, the NY Times looked at what it felt like for the Dodgers to watch this parade of celebration over the four days they spent in Chicago.



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